Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Abstract Landscape Painting: Meditation Mountain

This is a work in progress. I’m almost finished, but for now I wanted to post what I have so far. I call this piece “Meditation Mountain”, aptly named for the visualization I… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: Bullrider, Crab, Rubber Ducky, Peeking Tom, Hand Model

I am surprised at the great response these photos have received, especially since some of these require a real stretch of the imagination. Thanks to everyone that appreciates my work! Do you see… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: Panther, Unicorn, Woman, ALF, Flamenco Dancer

Most people that know me well say that I have a pretty active imagination. As an artist, I would hope so! Some people have told me that I often point out things to… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: An Amazing Element and Examples

Gazing into fires is both magical and hypnotizing. When I started fire gazing and taking photos, I swear that at times I’d capture faces or souls trying to reach out to tell me… Continue reading