Fire Gazing: Panther, Unicorn, Woman, ALF, Flamenco Dancer

Most people that know me well say that I have a pretty active imagination. As an artist, I would hope so! Some people have told me that I often point out things to people that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I suppose that can also relate to the matrixing in the dancing flames. What I see may not be what you see, however.

Here, I see a woman in a hat carrying shopping bags.

Woman in hat

In this one I see several different things: a horse’s head (or a dragon’s head), a sled, and the TV alien ALF.

ALF is back!

The first thing I saw here was a black panther hiding and looking at a goat’s leg sticking out of the ground.

Fire Gazing by Shannon Hart Hudnell

This is a unicorn looking at its reflection in a pond.

Unicorn admiring its reflection

I call this one “The Flamenco Dancer & The Rose”.

Flamenco & the Rose