Entering Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona is about a mile high up a mountain located dead smack center of the state, north of Phoenix. The winding road up the mountain was a bit dizzying, and for someone like me who is afraid of heights, it can be frightening sitting in the passenger’s side looking down.

The views are beautiful, and when I saw an old rusted vehicle sitting in the valley, not only did it heighten my fear of heights, but it made me want to know the story behind the car.

Old car in valley of Jerome, Arizona

Car in the valley of Jerome, Arizona


These homes were located “in the middle of nowhere” on the drive up the Jerome mountain.

House on side of mountain

House on side of mountain in Jerome

Old truck in Jerome


The 24-Hour Mohawk Mini Mart wasn’t open at all, and from the looks of it, it hadn’t been open in quite some time.

Jerome Mini Mart open 24 hours – closed


Jerome has all sorts of abandoned and broken down buildings and remnants. I think that’s what makes the place so interesting.

Entering Jerome