Cemetery at Jerome, Arizona

People that have followed me know that I enjoy taking cemetery photos, whether it be of angel statues, old tombstones, or other types of cemetery “activity”. I find cemeteries to be both peaceful and interesting places for stories. I often see a name and date and think, “What is that person’s untold story?”

These are some of the photos I took of the cemetery in Jerome, Arizona. Due to it being on a mountainside, taking a photo in which things do not look crooked was a challenge. Other than that, I think they have a pretty good view, one in which I wouldn’t object to when my life here is done.

Jerome, AZ cemetery view of mountain

Jerome, AZ cemetery

Jerome, AZ cemetery

Jerome, AZ cemetery

Cross in cemetery – Jerome, AZ

Iron Gate – Jerome, AZ cemetery

Cemetery view – Jerome, AZ

Jerome Cemetery view

Jerome cemetery view

Tombstone in Jerome, AZ cemetery

Jerome, AZ cemetery