Abstract Patterns and Textures

I love taking photos of patterns and turning them into abstract art. Sometimes I don’t manipulate the photos, but using the macro settings can make an object appear to be something entirely different than what it is.

Without reading the photo text, can you guess what these are?

(In the first photo, the color is altered, but actual photo is only slightly manipulated using the liquify Photoshop filter.)

Beach Sand


Hint: This one is something you might find around the house. Photo has not been altered.



I see little things that many people do not. (Color only manipulated.)

Pattern in sidewalk


This one was obviously color manipulated. It is both a reflection of the sky and into water.

Into the Ocean


This photo was not manipulated

Closeup of Paint Chips


I believe I may have adjusted the contrast on this one.

Condensation on a Glass