Photographing Ghost Towns – Bulowville, FL

Some of my favorite places to photograph are deserted towns with old buildings or remnants of old buildings. If you travel with a spouse or other friend or relative, they may often get frustrated at us stopping and taking pictures of just about everything. But I insisted that this will pay off, and it has. 🙂

A few years ago I was contacted by a publisher that was interested in a few of my photographs taken at Bulowville, which was an old Florida plantation in the 1800s until the Seminole Indians burned it down.

This is what is left of Bulowville today.

Remnants of coquina building – Bulowville, FL

Bulowville, FL

Bulowville, FL

If you’re interested in ghost towns, this is the perfect picture book with a hoard of great information on the subject.  Ghost Towns: Yesterday and Today by Gary Speck.