Monthly Archive: August, 2012

The Little Things – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Small prints available! This is a sculptured painting I completed in college and sold about five years ago. It is based on the little things in life, biologically speaking.   Advertisements

Formation of a Star – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Prints Available! “Formation of a Star” © 2010

Free Wallpaper of the Day – Behind the Fuzzy Curtain

Behind the Fuzzy Curtain – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold.

Free WallPaper of the Day – Erythrocytes

Erythrocytes – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold.

Dragon in the Pond – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Do you see the pond? Do you see the dragon? Prints available! “Dragon in the Pond” © 2010

A Hairy Grapefruit? Abstract Art

I created some patterns using minimal colors with Photoshop, then tweaked them a bit. This one makes me want grapefruit until I see the hair in it.

Witching Woman – a Photoshop Transformation

I love Photoshop and what it can do! I edited and threw together this short video of a few samples of what Photoshop can do to transform one single photo in many different… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Sweet Alyssum, Carpet of Snow

These teensy little flowers are for ground covering. The closeups make them look much larger than they actually are.

Paranormal Activity – Man Ghost in Cemetery

I should explain that I initially started doing photography in cemeteries, not to ghost hunt, but to do a theme on death. But when I got this photo – my very first apparition… Continue reading

Hurricane – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

On the topic of hurricanes this week, I thought I’d post a drawing I did in college in September 1999 during Hurricane Floyd.  I wasn’t affected by it because I was living in… Continue reading

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Abstract Artography by Shannon Hudnell

People often ask me where I get my ideas. They come from within.

Editing Photos with iPhone Apps

There are plenty of great free apps for photo editing. I’ve tried several, including Fast Camera, SmugMug’s Camera, CamWow, Instagram, Pic Collage, Color Effects, and my personal favorite  – Camera Plus – which is… Continue reading

Photographing Landscapes in Infrared

About a year ago I purchased an inexpensive point and shoot that had been converted with an infrared filter. Being that I’m the typical artist that bores easily, I was like a kid… Continue reading