Orbs and Paranormal Activity

I started ghost hunting about 10 years ago, long before it became a fad and long before I ever saw any TV shows on the subject. I guess I’m what you would call a skeptical believer. I believe in the paranormal, but I am also skeptical of what the camera may catch. Working with groups in paranormal teams can be difficult when people disagree on whether or not something can be explained by the physical world. I have an open mind to orbs and their possibilities of being spirit forms, but as a photographer, I also know that dust and water molecules can be the cause of what some consider paranormal orbs.

Here are some examples of photos of orbs that I’ve taken over the years.

Church Orbs

Sugarmill Orbs

Tree orbs

Graveyard Orbs

Orbs from old battle area

Native American battle zone orbs