Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Midday Blue Sky – Artography by Shannon Hudnell

This was a photo I took in the middle of the day, but I thought it was a boring picture. So I added dramatic color with Photoshop. Now I think it tells a… Continue reading

Abstract Sky at Seaside – Abstract Paintings by Shannon Hudnell

Sometimes I become bored with the same scenes and subject matter, so I decided to take the photos that appear like any other sunset and make them into a colorful painting using Photoshop.

That 70’s Dullness – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

What is it about these colors that remind me of the 1970s? Prints are available here.

Big Bird Rules – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Save Big Bird!  Prints Available!  

Artography at the Ocean – A Photoshop Transformation

I love working with Photoshop and combining photography with art in order to create artography. I wanted this to look like a masterpiece in progress. The video I made here doesn’t quite relate… Continue reading

Paperclay Sculptures: Rune Doggie and Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago I posted about my first Paperclay sculpture, Rune Doggie. With the leftover Paperclay product, I decided to make him a little pal, Pumpkin Patch. It is quite the challenge… Continue reading

Sunset Behind the Red Sea

Prints Available!

Sunset Over Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, Florida – Abstract Paintings by Shannon Hudnell

Prints available!

Over Rough Waters – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Prints Available!   

Free Wallpaper of the Day – Creepy Swampy Cemetery

Creepy Swampy Cemetery – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold, redistributed, shared, or republished.

Mr. Rue Mermille – Handmade cloth doll

The Story of Mr. Rue Mermille by Shannon Hart  No one likes Mr. Rue Mermille. He is green with envy, as his eyes and vision are slightly off, because only sees in black… Continue reading

Sculpture: Paperclay Rune Dog

For the first time ever, I used Paperclay and ended up with this little guy. At first I was trying to make a cat but soon realized that he looked more like a… Continue reading