Sculpture: Paperclay Rune Dog

For the first time ever, I used Paperclay and ended up with this little guy. At first I was trying to make a cat but soon realized that he looked more like a dog (and as someone put it “with a big head”). After waiting for him to dry, I sanded him to smooth him out and then decided I was going to paint him a Halloween theme. I started with an orange base, let it dry overnight, then one afternoon I painstakingly painted very tiny symbols over him. It took several hours, fine brushes, and a very steady hand for the fine detail.

The symbols I chose to use on this doggie were runes, but I also used other universal symbols that I will discuss in another post on my writing page. Since my little doggie was covered in these symbols and I intended him to be a Halloween theme, I decided that his costume is in fact a rune costume. For his eyes, I added tiny amethyst stones.

His name? Rune Doggie.

Dry Paperclay Dog by Shannon Hart Hudnell

Paperclay dog – Orange base paint

Front View

Close up head

Close up of head

Backside view

Side View 1

Side view 2

Rear view

Bottom view

With amethyst eyes

Rune Doggie by Shannon Hart Hudnell