Painted Glass Art Jars – for gift giving

Every holiday season I make my own gifts. A few years ago I started making shower scrub for friends and family to see how they liked it. Some came back begging for more. The following year I decided to use glass paint on jars to make them decorative enough to give as gifts, and I filled them with scented shower scrub. (They can also be used as tealight candle holders.) Some were given away and others were sold.

Painting on glass was something I’d never attempted, and quite honestly, I was discouraged when I first began. Nothing was coming out as intended. So I mixed some of my favorite color combinations and rolled the jars in the paint and added others by brush to give them an abstract appearance. Then I named them according to how I felt about them.

“Fairy’s Dream” abstract art jar

“Reaching for Gold” abstract art jar

“Pastel Realm” abstract art jar

“Full Moon Eclipse” abstract art jar

“Elf Forest” abstract art jar

“Cotton Candy Skies” abstract art jar

“Amethyst Road” abstract art jar

“CandyLand” abstract art jar

“Angel Flutter” abstract art jar

“Emerald Cave” abstract art jar

“Pandora’s Daughter” abstract art jar