Monthly Archive: December, 2012

No Words Needed Here


Abstract Fire and Ice – Artography by Shannon Hudnell

When I write, paint, photograph or otherwise create, I love incorporating two different sides of things.

Artography in Macro Photography – Red Leaf

Sometimes macro can be abstract. I love working in macro!

Operation – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

This was an abstract piece after which I painted thought it appeared to be looking down from an operating room table.  

Purple Haze Over Tomoka

Tomoka State Park on the East Coast of Florida is a great place for nature lovers. This was an ordinary photo I took, and then made it into a digital painting with bright… Continue reading

Open Blackberry at Waterloo

With this image I was attempting to get an old-fashioned feel. I think it appears to look more like a woodblock print.

Lurking Blackberry at Waterloo Artography by Shannon Hudnell

Even though using Photoshop can sometimes make a photo too “pixelated” or make it obvious it’s been manipulated, such as this photo here, it’s still fun to experiment.

Blue Morning River

Taking an average photo and experimenting with monochromatic colors is one way to keep a photo simple.  

Approaching the Island – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Naming my work can be just as much of a challenge as it is to paint them. Sometimes putting names to abstract pieces helps others understand what the piece is about. This is… Continue reading