Florida Everglades: Bird Photography

If you plan to the Florida Everglades, you won’t see everything in one day. It’s ginormous! Here are just some of the many species of birds I was lucky enough to capture on camera.

This little guy caught himself a fish!

Great White Heron

I believe this to be a blue heron. If I’m wrong, please tell me!

Blue Heron in Florida Everglades

Another version of a blue heron.

Blue Heron

And another…

Blue Heron

This guy’s colors are amazing!

Purple Gallinule

I believe this is the female version of the purple gallinule.

Female Purple Gallinule

Wood stork – an endangered species.

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

This guy was eating something and buried his food when he saw me. I told him I didn’t want any. 🙂

American Crow

Very unlike the smaller mockingbirds in our neighborhood, this guy obviously eats well.


This guy caught a fish, too. But I don’t know what kind of bird he is. Can anyone identify him?

Unidentified Swimming Bird

I couldn’t get close enough, but I think these are ducks.


Another one I was unable to identify.

What kind of bird am I?