Montezuma Well and Castle – Ancient Cliff Dwellings – Arizona

Why is it that with all of the technology available today that homes built do not last for a lifetime without crumbling to the ground, yet the ancient peoples built things that have lasted hundreds of years? The Montezuma Well and Castle is a national monument located near Camp Verde, Arizona. This is another place of serenity in Arizona. I didn’t want to leave. I felt really connected to the land and whomever else still occupied the place.

These are a few photos I took while visiting. To view more, go to my portfolio here.


View of the well

Montezuma Well info

Architecture that has lasted hundreds of years

About the homes

I believe this is a Velvet Mesquite

Rain clouds approaching

Jim Morrison’s favorite guy

Stairway around the cliff

The grass really was greener.

Perfect place for a picnic.

Keeps cool in the summer.

Built to last.

Overhang “blackened by cooking and fires.”

View of well

Arizona Sycamore Tree – huge

Along the trail

A river runs through it.


End of Trail.