Byodo-In Temple – Valley of the Temples

This is probably one of my favorite places of serenity to visit. Located on the side of a mountain on the island of Oahu, the grounds at Valley of the Temples is covered in lush green foliage with koi filled streams and is a place where birds will eat right out of your hands. There is a large brass sacred bell (called bon-sho, said to clear the mind of evil and temptation) that is customarily rung before entering the temple. Among entering the temple, a very intimidating gold-leaf Buddha towers more than 18 feet high.

Byodo-In, Valley of the Temples

The Way to Serenity

Bon-sho – 5′ high, 3 tons of bronze and tin

An offering

Meditation Gazebo

Spotted Dove

Yellow Koi saying “Hello!”

Path to meditation area

Carved by Japanese sculptor Masuzo Inui

Zen Garden

Gentle, friendly creatures

Sleeping Black Swan

Guarding the fish and birds


Grafitti carved into Bamboo

Byodo-In Temple