Monthly Archive: August, 2013

History Repeats

Domestic abuse often repeats itself for many generations.  If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect others to do so? Advertisements

Fire in Kaneohe, Hawaii

This small house fire in the Ko’olau Mountains was quickly extinguished by firefighters.

Free Wallpaper Downloads if you Love Gays

I have friends from all walks of life. I simply cannot understand how people can judge others based on who they love. Life is difficult enough, so why hate people who love one… Continue reading

Distant Memories

All relationships are important to children. How many promises have to be broken before one loses her self worth?  


What does abandoned look like? Does it mean weathered and alone? Or merely left to contemplate existence?


Sometimes we have to choose what is best for us in the long run. It causes emotional upheavals in the crevices of our minds – crevices we weren’t even aware were there.  Do… Continue reading

Macro of Nature

Macro of a Dragonfly

I love macro, because I love tiny little details that most people don’t notice. These photos were taken with my Nikon and Zeikos macro extension tubes.

A Doll Contemplates Her Body

“If he doesn’t like me, I must not look good enough.”     What can I change?

Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) Lives On

Because The Office was (and still is) one of my favorite tv shows, I was delighted to see Dwight Schrute emblazoned on the side of a condemned house on Flagler Avenue in New… Continue reading

Dark Forest of the Appalachian Mountains

This reminds me of a scary movie.

Rock Faces of Hawaii

There are many legends about Hawaii’s lava rocks. Many people believe that if you remove rocks from the island it brings bad luck, and there is even a Hawaii lava rock return! Personally,… Continue reading