Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! – Las Vegas

All photos were taken with a point and shoot camera in Las Vegas for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! Advertisements

Beach Access I – Photo Art

A little Photoshop art of the Flagler Avenue entrance to the beach in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Psychotropic Dream – Photo Art

Teal Daze – Photo Art

Just a touch of Photoshop makes it a completely different photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Things like this make me stop and look twice. I saw this in a parking lot in Hawaii and snapped it with my iPhone. Taken for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Warming Up or Cooling Down?

This was a photo taken somewhere in the Tomoka State Park area of Florida. I was bored with the result of the original photograph, so I took it into Photoshop and turned it… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers There are layers of time, in words – in thoughts – in relationships – that can all be peeled away like the paint on a canvas Posted for this week’s Weekly Photo… Continue reading

Sleepy Sunday! Sleeping Cats #3

Wake up, little sleepy heads! Here are my cats doing what they do best.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

There are several habits of mine in this photograph. I have a habit of starting paintings, looking out the window at any movement that distracts me, and not cleaning up when I’m finished.… Continue reading

Wise Old Bird – The Great Horned Owl

Whoooo says owls only come out at night? Not this great horned owl in Central Florida. He was looking for dinner. And then he spotted me.

Blue Springs State Park – Orange City, Florida

Recently realizing that I have a TON of photos that I’ve never posted, I think it’s about time to do it! This is from Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida. As… Continue reading

St. Peter’s Cemetery – Amelia Island, Florida

I took these photos a few years ago that I’ve never shared. This was at St. Peter’s Cemetery in Amelia Island, Florida. There are some really cool old headstones and some even cooler… Continue reading

The Rustic Town of Barberville, Florida

A few years ago I visited the Pioneer Settlement of Creative Arts in Barberville, Florida. The settlement has a few farm animals, a garden, and some really great items to photograph. This is… Continue reading

Sleepy Sunday! Sleeping Cats – Part 2

Every time I turn around, they’re sleeping. But when I’m trying to sleep? Well, if you’re a cat person, you know how that goes. 😉 The first photo needs a caption. Any takers?

Coast Guard at Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Florida

Cemeteries – Creepy or Beautiful?

Sometimes cemeteries are creepy; other times beautiful. Like the people in them, I think they each have their own personalities.