Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Spooky/Mysterious

Shannon's Creative Photo ChallengeWelcome to my Creative Photo Challenge! It’s been very exciting to see more participants in these challenges.

Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. In keeping with the theme of mystery and change of season for October, this week’s challenge is SPOOKY/MYSTERIOUS.

If you’d like to participate, all you have to do is post the title and link it to my page. You may also use the photo challenge picture.


1. Create a post titled “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Spooky/Mysterious”.
2. Post the link to your blog in the comment section on my page.
3. Use a “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge” tag.


Spooky and mysterious is one of my favorite things about October! In the first photo, I didn’t want it completely black and white, so I desaturated some of the color, which ultimately darkened the barn exactly the way I wanted it.


Spooky Barn - Florida

Spooky Barn – Florida


Two years ago I spent 10 days in New Orleans. Unfortunately, it rained the majority of the time I was there, so I didn’t lug my camera around. I took this one with an iPhone.

Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo - New Orleans

Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo – New Orleans


This creepy scene (in the back of an old ambulance I believe) at a car show in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Halloween heads

Halloween heads

Another from the car show.

Spooky skeleton hand

Spooky skeleton hand


This was taken at Lake George in the middle of nowhere, Florida.

Spooky dock - Florida

Spooky dock – Lake George, Florida

Full moon on Oahu, Hawaii. The tree branches surround it like an eyeball. Sometimes just by using a color filter, you can create that feeling of mystery, as I have done in these last two photos.

Mysterious full moon - Hawaii

Mysterious full moon – Hawaii


Mysterious gargoyle on roof

Mysterious gargoyle on roof