Tender Moments

Since I tend to take several photos of animals and children, this challenge was fairly easy for me. These are some of the photos I’ve taken over the years.

The original of this was in color taken with a film camera about 20 years ago. The scan is scratched and has a lot of markings, so I changed it to monochrome and softened it, which took away a lot of the marks on the original print.

My daughter - age 3
My daughter – age 3


This was my dog’s first kiss. 🙂

Dog's first kiss - kissing a horse
Dog’s first kiss – kissing a horse


Mama and newborn – The original was in color, but it seemed too harsh for this subject. Monochrome tends to soften it.

Mama and newborn
Mama and newborn

Mommy and daughter

Mama and baby
Mommy and daughter


This sleeping baby makes me feel comfortable.

Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby

A Photo a Week Challenge: Tender Moments

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