Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Water

Shannon's Creative Photo ChallengeWelcome to Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge!

Sorry I am late for this week’s challenge, as I had a family emergency.

Each Wednesday, I post a newly themed challenge. This week’s challenge is WATER.

If you’d like to participate, all you have to do is post the title and link it to my page. You may also use the photo challenge picture.

1. Create a post titled “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Water”.
2. Post the link to your blog in the comment section on my page.
3. Use a “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge” tag.


Whether it comes from a spring, the oceans, the sky, or a well, water is something that we see every day. Here are the selections I chose for this week’s challenge.


Water droplet on garden snail



Rain water collected on chair



Sidewalk puddle reflection



Yard puddle reflection