First of series from The Bigger Picture Project

I have decided to post a series of photos as a project called “The Bigger Picture.” The idea came to me long ago, but I’d never consistently followed through with it. “The Bigger Picture” is a series of three shots: the first being a small, cropped portion of a photo; the second revealing more; and the final being the entire picture. Each photo is posted on a separate day on my Instagram page so that followers can think more deeply about what a picture actually is about instead of just scrolling and liking.

The intention behind this is that we often see the tiny things without taking into consideration all of the its surroundings. It’s also a way of looking at smaller things that go unnoticed, which also contribute to the bigger things in life. Without the small things, we have no picture. Without looking at the bigger picture, we are robbing ourselves of truth.

Stop to look closely at what you see. This was the first in my first week of posts, in order of zoom:

1/3 of the The Bigger Picture series. Can you guess what this is?

A day or so later I posted this photo:

2/3 of the The Bigger Picture – a red zinnia

Can you begin to see the bigger picture now compared to the previous photo?

This bigger picture focuses on a red zinnia flower. While the color red represents the heart, zinnias symbolize endurance due to their year-round hardiness and are often symbols of lasting friendship. With that in mind, a red zinnia may signify romance and passion. Who or what are you passionate about in life?

Below is the final reveal in the first of this trio of “The Bigger Picture.” Did you guess correctly from the previous photos? This series of photos was shot at Mark’s Melon Patch in Dawson, Georgia during my work travels last year. Great little roadside stop if you’re in the area!

Final reveal of the Bigger Picture – red zinnia on a gourd

There are symbols all around us if we want to give them meaning. The final reveal shows a red zinnia sitting on a gourd. When coming across unusual things such as this, do you think about the symbolic meanings behind them? In Biblical symbolism, the gourd represents fertility (as would be expected at the end of an autumn crop). As previously stated, the red zinnia may represent passion and long-lasting friendship. Tying the two together, ask yourself if you are pursuing your passion – whether it be a job, family, or a creative endeavor.

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