The Bigger Picture Photo Series – Week 2

This is 1 of 3 of my second post in the series I call “The Bigger Picture.” It is a series of 3 shots, the first being a zoom of an area and the final being the entire picture. I post my series on my Instagram page, one photo at a time, until the final reveal before it is posted here.

The intention behind this is that we often see the tiny things without taking into consideration all of the its surroundings. It’s also a way of looking at smaller things that go unnoticed, which also contribute to the bigger things in life. Without the small things, we have no picture. Without looking at the bigger picture, we are robbing ourselves of truth.

Can you guess what or where this is?

1/3 of The Bigger Picture

Can you begin to see the bigger picture below compared to the previous photo? The following picture focuses on something somewhat recognizable in a grassy area, but what lies beyond the blue subjects?

2/3 of The Bigger Picture

Did you guess the subject of this series? Some followers may have recognized this photo that I posted on Instagram over a year ago.

Two Sandhill Cranes – Oak Hill, Florida

These are two sandhill cranes at the Marshland Bird Observatory in Oak Hill, Florida. Overall, the crane represents longevity, balance and creation through focus. With all of the distractions in the world, the crane can help us to remember to divide our time wisely. Where is your focus now?

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