The Bigger Picture Project – Week 4

For this week’s Bigger Picture series, I chose something that my be recognizable to childhood memories. Can you guess what it might be?

Can you guess what this is?

I’m sure you can recognize what this is compared to the previous photo.

Cracked doll face

While a lot of people find dolls (especially old ones) to be creepy, I find them fascinating. Many have lived as long or longer than some humans. Imagine the stories they have to tell!

Can anyone identify the maker of this antique doll?

Now that you can see the bigger picture compared to the previous ones, you may notice a bit of innocence and nostalgia, as well as creep factor. The cracks in this doll are most likely because of its material – composite material made of sawdust, glue, and other common materials of the time. These types of dolls were made in the United States until around the 1940s when plastic made its introduction of taking over our planet. Can anyone identify the maker of this doll? I have been unsuccessful, but have found ones that closely resemble it.

Combining the symbolism of dolls (typically representing childhood play and innocence) and the symbolism of its cracks, one may come to the conclusion that as we age, our innocence is fractured due to elements outside of our control, often due to the sins of others.

About “The Bigger Picture” series:

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“The Bigger Picture” is a series of 3 shots, the first being a closely cropped zoom shot and the final revealing the entire picture. Each week, I post each shot on separate days so that viewers can guess what the final photo may be.

The intention behind this is that we often see the tiny things without taking into consideration all of the its surroundings. It’s also a way of looking at smaller things that go unnoticed, which also contribute to the bigger things in life. Without the small things, we have no picture. Without looking at the bigger picture, we are robbing ourselves of truth.

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