The Bigger Picture – Week 6

The Bigger Picture Project – ©2020 Shannon Hart


The first photo of this week’s bigger picture focuses on a small object that is made of other smaller objects repeating themselves to form a pattern. These small objects put together serve a purpose for movement.

Now that you can see a bigger picture of the previous one, perhaps one can assume this may be both decorative and serving a purpose? What do you think it might be? (Hint: If you live in my neck of the woods, you may have seen this.)

The Bigger Picture Project – ©2020 Shannon Hart


And… The Bigger Picture! Was this what you were expecting from the previous two photos?
As you can see, the “NSB” part of the photo is only a small part of the bigger picture overall (fabulously crafted by @weirdbeard_art). Although its purpose is purely decorative, it adds information to the photo. Initially, you may have thought this was a part of a machine, but the cropping of the photo can easily manipulate perspective.

The Bigger Picture Project – ©2020 Shannon Hart


In this final reveal, a shadowy figure with flowing hair creates movement, and now we can see @mustardbellini in a work atmosphere. If only we could see her face, it would be a different photo entirely!

Each section of the photo not only revealed portions of the bigger picture, it forced us to think outside of the box. As more clues were given, stories and perspective changes, as should ours as we grow.



About “The Bigger Picture” series:

“The Bigger Picture” is a series of 3 shots, the first being a closely cropped zoom shot and the final revealing the entire picture. Each week, I post each shot on separate days so that viewers can guess what the final photo may be.

The intention behind this is that we often see the tiny things without taking into consideration all of the its surroundings. It’s also a way of looking at smaller things that go unnoticed, which also contribute to the bigger things in life. Without the small things, we have no picture. Without looking at the bigger picture, we are robbing ourselves of truth.