The Bigger Picture – Week 7

©2021 Shannon Hart

The first photo of this week’s Bigger Picture series is an abstract form in yellow. Is it shiny? Is it durable? What do you think it is?


Here is a little more of the bigger picture from the previous photo. Now that you can see more of shapes and textures, does it look familiar?

Most people guessed correctly for this week’s Bigger Picture series. I wanted to choose something colorful, refreshing and pretty, so I chose this bowl of starfruit. Known for its high content of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, starfruit is good nourishment for the body. However, the opposite is true if eaten (or drank as a juice) in high content, because starfruit contains a toxin that can cause kidney failure. For anyone with kidney disease, it’s highly recommended to avoid starfruit.

In the study of the tarot, The Star represents hopes and dreams – wishing upon a star, if you will. The starfruit keeps us in check that our hopes and dreams are healthy for us, and makes us aware that taking in too much of something can be toxic.

About “The Bigger Picture” series:

“The Bigger Picture” is a series of 3 shots, the first being a closely cropped zoom shot and the final revealing the entire picture. Each week, I post each shot on separate days so that viewers can guess what the final photo may be.

The intention behind this is that we often see the tiny things without taking into consideration all of the its surroundings. It’s also a way of looking at smaller things that go unnoticed, which also contribute to the bigger things in life. Without the small things, we have no picture. Without looking at the bigger picture, we are robbing ourselves of truth.

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