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Found at the Beach – Creepy Doll Arm

I love finding treasure at the beach, even when it’s something strange like this creepy doll arm. Advertisements

Day of the Dead Dolls – iPhone Photos

I’ve studied Tarot for several years. A common misconception is that the Death card literally means someone is going to die. It actually means transformation – or an ending to one thing and… Continue reading

A Doll Contemplates Her Body

“If he doesn’t like me, I must not look good enough.”     What can I change?

Creepy Vintage Dolls

I like a good bargain, and I found some of these at flea markets and thrift stores. Everything has a story, especially some of these dolls. This one baby doll in particular I… Continue reading

Creepy Doll Heads

I love dolls, and when I was a kid I played with all sorts of dolls – baby dolls, Barbie dolls, rag dolls – you name it. To me, dolls have their own… Continue reading

Mr. Rue Mermille – Handmade cloth doll

The Story of Mr. Rue Mermille by Shannon Hart  No one likes Mr. Rue Mermille. He is green with envy, as his eyes and vision are slightly off, because only sees in black… Continue reading

Sculpture: Paperclay Rune Dog

For the first time ever, I used Paperclay and ended up with this little guy. At first I was trying to make a cat but soon realized that he looked more like a… Continue reading