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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers There are layers of time, in words – in thoughts – in relationships – that can all be peeled away like the paint on a canvas Posted for this week’s Weekly Photo… Continue reading

St. Peter’s Cemetery – Amelia Island, Florida

I took these photos a few years ago that I’ve never shared. This was at St. Peter’s Cemetery in Amelia Island, Florida. There are some really cool old headstones and some even cooler… Continue reading

Cemeteries – Creepy or Beautiful?

Sometimes cemeteries are creepy; other times beautiful. Like the people in them, I think they each have their own personalities.

Halloween Dogs and Cats!

Chasing Rainbows in Hawaii

They don’t call Hawaii the rainbow capital for nothing. It rains often, and depending on which side of the island you’re on, you may get to see a rainbow just as much. And… Continue reading

Mirror – Self Portrait w/ Sylvia Plath Poem

This is the 3rd in a series of self portraits I drew in college. I suppose I was contemplating the meaning of my existence at the time. Below the mirror is a locked… Continue reading

Free – Self Portrait

This was part 2 in a series of 3 graphite drawings I drew in college. I didn’t intend for them to be self portraits, but in hindsight, I cannot see how they were… Continue reading

Rainbow Heart

Initially, I made this during a monoprinting class at Florida State University. Sold the original, and the digital version is all that’s left. I currently use this as the photo on the Spiritual… Continue reading

Wallflower – Self Portrait

I drew this when I was a first-year art student at Daytona Beach Community College (now called Daytona State). It was part of a series of 3 graphite drawings incorporated with poetry. Drawing… Continue reading

Morning & Evening in Cutler Bay, Florida

I’m not much of a morning person, but watching a sunrise is soothing and one of the best ways to start the day.   In this neighborhood, the locals put on an evening… Continue reading

Day of the Dead Dolls – iPhone Photos

I’ve studied Tarot for several years. A common misconception is that the Death card literally means someone is going to die. It actually means transformation – or an ending to one thing and… Continue reading

History Repeats

Domestic abuse often repeats itself for many generations.  If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect others to do so?

Free Wallpaper Downloads if you Love Gays

I have friends from all walks of life. I simply cannot understand how people can judge others based on who they love. Life is difficult enough, so why hate people who love one… Continue reading

Distant Memories

All relationships are important to children. How many promises have to be broken before one loses her self worth?  


What does abandoned look like? Does it mean weathered and alone? Or merely left to contemplate existence?


Sometimes we have to choose what is best for us in the long run. It causes emotional upheavals in the crevices of our minds – crevices we weren’t even aware were there.  Do… Continue reading

Rock Faces of Hawaii

There are many legends about Hawaii’s lava rocks. Many people believe that if you remove rocks from the island it brings bad luck, and there is even a Hawaii lava rock return! Personally,… Continue reading

A Tribute to Mothers

Inspirational Poster: The Light in the Darkness

Originally posted on Sunshine Witch:
“Even in the darkness, when you look closely enough you can see a bit of light shining through.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell Have you ever been in a…

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Clouds

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and outdoor photography magazine Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers This week’s Challenge is: Clouds!              

Tired vs Keeping Up

I’ve made a tremendous amount of changes in my life over the last two years. These are major life changes that mainly involve moving to another land and changing careers, not to mention… Continue reading

Statue of Shawnee Chief Tucumseh and Spiritual Teachings

As a traveller, I wouldn’t recommend Southern Illinois to be a destination to visit unless you plan to die of boredom. However, there is a lot of history and places worth stopping if… Continue reading

Byodo-In Temple – Valley of the Temples

This is probably one of my favorite places of serenity to visit. Located on the side of a mountain on the island of Oahu, the grounds at Valley of the Temples is covered… Continue reading

Montezuma Well and Castle – Ancient Cliff Dwellings – Arizona

Why is it that with all of the technology available today that homes built do not last for a lifetime without crumbling to the ground, yet the ancient peoples built things that have… Continue reading

Love is in the Air…

I thought I’d break up this week’s travel photos by adding a little love. 😉 To see more of my people photos, visit my portfolio here.

San Xavier del Bac Mission – Arizona

Yesterday I posted some photos of Grotto Hill, located on the same grounds as San Xavier del Bac Mission. I have never been inside of a holy place with so many interesting things… Continue reading

No Words Needed Here

Orbs and Paranormal Activity

I started ghost hunting about 10 years ago, long before it became a fad and long before I ever saw any TV shows on the subject. I guess I’m what you would call… Continue reading

Magificent Skies – Relaxing Photos for Meditation

I’ve taken thousands of sky photos, so a few years ago I decided to choose about 70 of my favorites and put them to a video. After adding some of Youtube’s free music,… Continue reading