Simplicity in Nature Photography

This was a bit of a challenge for me, because I’ve either already posted some of my simple photos or I tend not to take very simple ones that relate to this challenge.… Continue reading

Hats – Hoodie, Cowgirl, Tiara, Cowboy

This is an interesting challenge, because I had also thought of using the topic of hats as one of my own photo challenge themes. After rummaging through numerous photos, I realized that I… Continue reading

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: COSTUMES

Welcome to my Creative Photo Challenge! Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. This week’s challenge is COSTUMES. If you’d like to participate, all you have to do is post the… Continue reading

Small Subjects in Black and White

Even though I am obsessed with photographing creepy dolls and dead insects, I have to say that my favorite of this set has to be the newborn.       Cee’s Black and… Continue reading

Mangrove Seeds at the Beach

I tend to take several photos of the same subject at different angles, because I’m just obsessive like that. Last week at the beach, I noticed a pile of mangrove seeds washed up from the… Continue reading

Extraordinarily Unusual

This challenge was a little bit challenging for me, because I consider extraordinary things to be extremely unusual – like double rainbows or moments that things wouldn’t normally be caught on camera. A… Continue reading

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Spooky/Mysterious

Welcome to my Creative Photo Challenge! It’s been very exciting to see more participants in these challenges. Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. In keeping with the theme of mystery… Continue reading

Graffiti and Murals

I tend to take photos of a lot of things when I travel. Sometimes I come across odd graffiti or art. These are a few of the things I’ve taken over the years.… Continue reading

October Sunsets of New Smyrna Beach

As most of you probably know by now, I love taking sunset photos. I like sunrises, too, but the time of day doesn’t always work for me. These photos have been taken over… Continue reading

Happy Place – Disney’s Epcot Flower and Garden Show

No matter which park I visit, Disney is a happy place for me. I always feel like a little kid again, free from worry and thought. The artistry at the parks is top-notch, and the… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Paint

        Travel Theme: Paint

Well Composed Emotions in Photographs

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably already know by now that sunsets are one of my favorite subjects. Because of their beauty, they always make me feel inspired. I… Continue reading

Cameras & Photographers in Black and White

This topic was definitely a challenge for me, because it’s not often I take photos of cameras or of other photographers. I managed to find some “selfies” done in mirrors.     Cee’s Black and… Continue reading

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Silhouettes

Welcome to the second month of  my Creative Photo Challenge! It’s been very exciting to see everyone’s interpretations. Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. In keeping with the theme of mystery and change… Continue reading

Manmade in Africa

Traveling the world is on my bucket list. So for now, I will have to settle for visiting countries at Epcot and Animal Kingdom at the Disney parks. These photos were taken last… Continue reading

Night Shots of the Las Vegas Strip

I’m not a huge fan of big cities or of places like Vegas, but they do provide some pretty cool opportunities for photographers. I took these photos with a point and shoot camera… Continue reading

Inanimate Objects in Black and White

      A Photo a Week Challenge: Inanimate Objects

Travel Theme: Intense

These photos were taken over the summer during a trip to North Carolina. The first two were taken at Pisgah National Forest. A photo of the waterfall by itself doesn’t seem as intense… Continue reading

Backs of Animals in Black and White

I have found that it’s extremely easy to get the backs of all different animals, because they don’t exactly take direction from a photographer. So this was an easy challenge for me! 😉… Continue reading


A while back, I’d written about personal boundaries when it comes to people and how sometimes if we don’t set them, space invaders can take over. Robert Frost got it right when he… Continue reading

Compose Yourself: Savannah, Georgia

          Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: How the camera is not like your eye

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: ARTISTS

Welcome to the fourth week of  my Creative Photo Challenge! I want to thank everyone that has participated in these challenges. Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. This week’s challenge is something… Continue reading

Sense of Smell – Flowers and Food

When I think of odors, I like to think of pleasant things that make me smile. It seems that it usually boils down to food and flowers. These are some of the photos… Continue reading

River Sunrise in Edgewater, Florida

To me, the only good thing about waking up early is being able to watch the sun rise. I took these a few days ago in Edgewater, Florida. This is the same sunrise… Continue reading

Travel Theme: Fruit

With all of the recent food photo challenges, I’m going to have to watch my waistline. 🙂 As you can probably tell, I love fruit salads!       Travel Theme: Fruit


Change is the death of something as we know it.           The Daily Post: Change


Perspective: It’s all about how we view things.       Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Perspective

Sense of Taste in Hawaii

It’s nice to visit places that are not at all like where you’re from. Although I’m a beach girl, some of the food in Hawaii is so much different compared to what I was… Continue reading

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Toys

Welcome to the third week of  my Creative Photo Challenge! Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. This week’s challenge is something fun – TOYS. If you’d like to participate, all you have… Continue reading

Monday Sunrise in New Smyrna Beach

This morning I woke up long before the sun came up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drive to the beach and watch the sunrise.… Continue reading

Sense of Hearing

I really, really LOVE music!! I listen to several different genres depending on my mood. I love concerts, even though they are nothing like they used to be; nevertheless, I try to go… Continue reading

Before and After Photo Manipulation

With the One Photo Focus Before & After challenge, you get to tweak other people’s photos. For October, photographer Michelle Lunato submitted this photo for everyone to play with. And my version:

Travel Theme: Move

      Travel Theme: Move

The Daily Post: Grid

      The Daily Post: Grid

Public Transportation – Buses and Boats

      Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Public Transportation

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Games

Welcome to the second week of  my Creative Photo Challenge! Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. This week’s challenge is something fun – GAMES.  If you’d like to participate, all you have… Continue reading

From the Back

Over the past several years, I’ve had some of the best opportunities to photograph some very beautiful children and families. Here are just a few examples of some of my work for this week’s… Continue reading


      The Daily Post: Monochromatic

Travel Theme: Angles

      Travel theme: Angles

What is Beautiful To You

I took these photos with my infrared camera along New Smyrna Beach, Florida.         Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: What is Beautiful to You

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Food

Welcome to my very first Creative Photo Challenge! Each Wednesday, I will post a newly themed challenge. Since this is the very first, I decided to choose a theme that everyone on earth… Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected


These photos come from a yearly “Christmas Tree Burning” in which locals bring Christmas trees to a burning party. Fun for all! One Word Photo Challenge: Wildfire

Travel Theme: Dogs

This is Captain. He was rescued from the animal shelter in Edgewater, Florida, in 2007. He is and always will be my favorite dog, my baby. Unfortunately, I had to split up animals… Continue reading

Black & White Reflections

    Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Reflections and Shadows

Sense of Touch

      Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Touch

Sense of Seeing: Sunset in Ponce Inlet, Florida

This is what I live for – nature, sunsets, wildlife, tranquility – because it’s the only time I really feel like myself and truly enjoy life. Sunsets are a gift at the end… Continue reading

Drought: A Prolonged Absence

Most people consider the definition of drought to be a chronic shortage of rainfall, but it can also mean a prolonged absence of other things. For example: ideas, sex, or love. Even with the entire ocean… Continue reading

Bull and Birds Under Wire

This was the coolest guy! He stood there long enough and posed for me to get this perfect shot!

Sunday Sunrise – New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater, Florida

It’s rare that I’m out of the house while the sun is rising, but I was on the road early this morning and noticed a beautiful pastel sky. And guess what? I didn’t have… Continue reading

One Photo Focus: September

This is a pretty cool photo challenge from Visual Venturing where you get the chance to do what you want with someone else’s photography – which means playing with Photoshop! Here is the original… Continue reading

Photo Challenge: Every Angle – South Causeway, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

      The Daily Post Photo Challenge: From Every Angle