A Hairy Grapefruit? Abstract Art

I created some patterns using minimal colors with Photoshop, then tweaked them a bit. This one makes me want grapefruit until I see the hair in it. Advertisements

Witching Woman – a Photoshop Transformation

I love Photoshop and what it can do! I edited and threw together this short video of a few samples of what Photoshop can do to transform one single photo in many different… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Sweet Alyssum, Carpet of Snow

These teensy little flowers are for ground covering. The closeups make them look much larger than they actually are.

Paranormal Activity – Man Ghost in Cemetery

I should explain that I initially started doing photography in cemeteries, not to ghost hunt, but to do a theme on death. But when I got this photo – my very first apparition… Continue reading

Hurricane – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

On the topic of hurricanes this week, I thought I’d post a drawing I did in college in September 1999 during Hurricane Floyd.  I wasn’t affected by it because I was living in… Continue reading

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Abstract Artography by Shannon Hudnell

People often ask me where I get my ideas. They come from within.

Editing Photos with iPhone Apps

There are plenty of great free apps for photo editing. I’ve tried several, including Fast Camera, SmugMug’s Camera, CamWow, Instagram, Pic Collage, Color Effects, and my personal favorite  – Camera Plus – which is… Continue reading

Photographing Landscapes in Infrared

About a year ago I purchased an inexpensive point and shoot that had been converted with an infrared filter. Being that I’m the typical artist that bores easily, I was like a kid… Continue reading

Photographing Ghost Towns – Bulowville, FL

Some of my favorite places to photograph are deserted towns with old buildings or remnants of old buildings. If you travel with a spouse or other friend or relative, they may often get… Continue reading

Abstract Patterns and Textures

I love taking photos of patterns and turning them into abstract art. Sometimes I don’t manipulate the photos, but using the macro settings can make an object appear to be something entirely different… Continue reading

Cemetery at Jerome, Arizona

People that have followed me know that I enjoy taking cemetery photos, whether it be of angel statues, old tombstones, or other types of cemetery “activity”. I find cemeteries to be both peaceful… Continue reading

Entering Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona is about a mile high up a mountain located dead smack center of the state, north of Phoenix. The winding road up the mountain was a bit dizzying, and for someone… Continue reading

Junk Art in Jerome, Arizona

If you like quirky things and old, ghostly towns, you’ll have to visit Jerome, Arizona. I plan to post more photos of the rest of my trip there, but in the meantime, this… Continue reading

Sunset at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is located in the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. It has extraordinary views and is an especially beautiful place for sunset photos.

Florida Sunset Photos taken with a Sony H9

When I’m out and about I love using simpler cameras due to their convenience and light weight. I purchased this Sony Cybershot H9 about four years ago because of its infrared ability to… Continue reading

Constructively Critiquing Photos for Contests with Sensitivity

Most artists like myself are emotional people, so when someone insults our work, sometimes we take it personally, as if someone is insulting our souls. That is why I think it’s important to… Continue reading

Florida Keys Sunsets with Sony Point-and-Shoots

Point and shoot cameras can produce amazing results. The key is to learn your camera in much the same way you would learn the strings of a guitar if you were taking lessons.… Continue reading

Being a Hummingbird Stalker is an Exhausting Job

Hummingbirds are such fantastic little creatures. Weighing less than a dime and flying faster than most residential traffic speeds, they often appear to be a butterfly at first glance because of their tiny… Continue reading

Chalk Art Manipulated in Photoshop – Ghostly Woman

I took some old artwork in which the originals had been sold and manipulated the only photos I have of them in Photoshop. This is titled Ghostly Woman, and it was originally chalk… Continue reading

Cemetery Angels – Artography

I love taking photos of cemetery angels. They often have layers of nature and time over them that give them personality over the person they are protecting. Generally, I find the the backgrounds… Continue reading

Free Wallpaper Download: Rip Current Abstract Art

Since I’m a beach lover, it didn’t take me long to name this abstract design. Click image to download and save as wallpaper.

Free Wallpaper Download: Cherry Bomb Abstract Artography

To the general public, abstract artists are severely misunderstood and rely on friends and fans that appreciate their creations. A while ago I decided to share some of the abstract digital art that… Continue reading

Wedding Photography: Flowers & Bridal Bouquets

Many brides are choosing do-it-yourself weddings, often with the help of family and friends. That includes making their own bouquets from flowers purchased at the local grocery store. I did this at my… Continue reading

A Sister is a Forever Friend

Sisterhood isn’t about blood relation. It’s about friendship.


I’ve been pleased that my iPhone takes some really decent photos and I don’t have to carry out a huge camera every time I want a snapshot of something. My sunflowers were not… Continue reading

Native American Horses

I love all animals, but I haven’t had much experience with horses except for photographing them. I often wonder if they can read the human mind, because of the way they react. The… Continue reading

Native American Dolls

This was my very first Native American doll, brought to me from Cherokee, North Carolina. She used to have braided thread-like hair with a headband and feather, but either the dog got it… Continue reading

Native American Pow Wow: Jingle Dancer

The Jingle Dance is performed by Native American women, and its origins began with the Chippewa tribe. Traditionally, the jingles on the dress were made with tobacco cans, but today they can be… Continue reading

Harrisburg, Illinois Still Denied FEMA Assistance After Deadly Tornadoes

Before the deadly February 2012 tornado(es), not too many people had ever heard of the little place called Harrisburg, Illinois. It’s not a vacation town, but it is home to many low-income families,… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Oleander

Oleander trees are abundant in tropical climates, and they can get huge if not trimmed. Each spring, thousands of tiny little buds bloom to reveal fluffy white/yellow or pink petals. Although oleander has… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Zinnias

Without knowing a thing about zinnias, I purchased a few seed packets and planted away.  It didn’t take long for the sprouts, and within weeks I had so many bright, colorful flowers all… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Daisies

Daisies are such simple little flowers, but even simple has extraordinary beauty. These were not Photoshopped… I purchased them this color. Unfortunately, the dye used tends to limit their lifespan.

Spring Flowers: Mums

I hadn’t realized how many types of mums existed until I started gardening and trying to identify flowers in photos. The thing is, I still can’t seem to identify them – but at… Continue reading

Gardening: Lemon Tree

I use lemons in everything, because they provide a natural and safe detox for the body, not to mention the many other uses I’ve found (i.e. cleaning, laundry, etc.) Since lemons aren’t the… Continue reading

Gardening: Holy Basil

It took me forever to find out the name of this basil, because it’s so similar to African Blue. Holy Basil has a very pungent scent and grows like a weed. It’s great… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Lilies

Lilies are amazing little beauties! Sometimes I can stare at them for hours at their detail, imagining the little faces and personalities in each. I am uniformed as to what type of lilies… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Red, Yellow and Pink Gerbera Daisies

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love the gerbera daisy! They come in all different colors and seem to grow easily in warm climates. This was a birthday gift that keeps on giving.… Continue reading

Spring Flowers: Purple Dahlia

Hello, Dah-lings! It’s springtime, and I’m on a flower kick! This purple Dahlia is a result of Family Dollar Store flower bulbs. These are some of the largest flowers I’ve ever seen.  … Continue reading

Abstract Landscape Painting: Meditation Mountain

This is a work in progress. I’m almost finished, but for now I wanted to post what I have so far. I call this piece “Meditation Mountain”, aptly named for the visualization I… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: Bullrider, Crab, Rubber Ducky, Peeking Tom, Hand Model

I am surprised at the great response these photos have received, especially since some of these require a real stretch of the imagination. Thanks to everyone that appreciates my work! Do you see… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: Panther, Unicorn, Woman, ALF, Flamenco Dancer

Most people that know me well say that I have a pretty active imagination. As an artist, I would hope so! Some people have told me that I often point out things to… Continue reading

Fire Gazing: An Amazing Element and Examples

Gazing into fires is both magical and hypnotizing. When I started fire gazing and taking photos, I swear that at times I’d capture faces or souls trying to reach out to tell me… Continue reading

Gold in the Red Sea – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

As I stated in a recent post, naming my abstract work is half of the fun!

Happy Halloween, from a Black Bombay Pumpkin Kitty

This was Boo, a Bombay kitty, and one of our most adored pets. Those orange eyes are real. His fur was like silk. And best of all, he was a very loving and… Continue reading

Mad Halloween Cats

I didn’t realize how mad they’d be for not buying them the right costumes!

Free Wallpaper of the Day – Creepy Old Florida Cemetery

Creepy Old Florida Cemetery – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold, redistributed, shared, or republished.

Paranormal Activity – Family in Cemetery?

This was a photo I took when I first started using digital cameras and didn’t know what I was doing. I’d go home, quickly look through the photos, and resize everything. Bad idea!… Continue reading

Paranormal Bird? Ghost Bird?

This has to be one of the strangest shots of whatever this is I’ve ever taken. No one can explain it. As usual, I was taking random photos in an old graveyard. I… Continue reading

Paranormal Activity on Beach Street in Daytona?

Again, I am open minded to skepticism. I took this photo on another ghost tour in Daytona Beach years ago. Upon zooming in, I noticed what appeared to be a man wearing a… Continue reading

Paranormal Mists & Orbs

This is a perfect example of why I’m open minded to orbs. I shot the first photo and immediately after in the same spot, a friend shot the second. Note the difference between… Continue reading

Paranormal Activity on a Ouija Board

This is something I highly suggest to avoid doing. This took place about 10 years ago. At first I thought it was a spot on my lens, but as you can see the… Continue reading

Paranormal Activity in Daytona Beach, Florida

I took this photo on a ghost tour in Daytona Beach in 2002. I was using a Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera, which was my first digital, so I didn’t know what… Continue reading