Photo Challenge

**Note: I used to post these challenges each week, but my job demands have left me little time, so I will be posting them as I can.

I’ve been into photography since I was 8 years old, so I’m just going to say I’ve been using cameras for over 30 years. (I like to pretend I’m still 30. 😉 ) Passionate about learning more, I enrolled in film photography and developing classes for three years of high school, graduated from photojournalism school in the army, and have been doing freelance work that includes family and wedding photography. About five years ago I was the VP of judging for a local camera club and was a guest judge in later years. Shortly after, I taught photography to fourth through eighth graders at a private school. With that being said, I feel that I am qualified to help others gain a better understanding of photography techniques.

Shannon's Creative Photo Challenge

Since I participate in many of the weekly photo challenges from other blogs, I figured it’s time for me to create my own called “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge”.

All you have to do is post the title and link it to my page. You may also use the photo challenge photo above.

1. Create a post with “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge”.
2. Post the link to your blog in the comment section on my page.
3. Use a “Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge” tag.


9 Sept 2015: FOOD

16 Sept 2015: GAMES

23 Sept 2015: TOYS

30 Sept 2015: ARTISTS

7 Oct 2015: SILHOUETTE


21 Oct 2015: COSTUMES

28 Oct 2015: NIGHTTIME

4 Nov 2015: WATER

11 Nov 2015: NEAR & FAR

18 Nov 2015: WHITE

25 Nov 2015: BABIES

2 Dec 2015: WORDS

9 Dec 2015: EYES


31 Jan 2016: WEBS