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Abstract Painting: Day Into Night – Sunset

This is only the second “round” painting I’ve ever done. As you can tell, I really love sunsets! Advertisements

Reversible Painting: Deserted Beach… Purple Desert

This reversible painting was done purely by accident. The first photo is what my intention was… but as I was walking around and noticed the painting upside down, it reminded me of the… Continue reading

Abstract Painting: Island Time Sunset

I thought I’d try painting a silhouette this time, because it’s something I haven’t attempted before. The photos of my paintings don’t exactly show the quality of my work. I tend to use… Continue reading

Abstract Painting: Earthscape Eye

Over the summer I completed a few paintings. This was inspired by some agate stones with intricate patterns and detail.

Oddball Photo Challenge: Monster Stain

This was a stain on a patio. Found it interesting! Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Fireworks: 4th of July – New Smyrna Beach, Florida

These are some firework photos I’ve taken over the years in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Sunday Stills: White – Prints Traveling on a Beach

I am always amazed at the prints left in the sand by various things, whether it be a creature or something man-made. Sunday Stills: White

The Daily Post: Roy G. Biv (Rainbow in a Firepit)

This fire had some of the most amazing colors! The Daily Post: Roy G. Biv

30 Day Painting Challenge

I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 paintings in 30 days. So far, I’m up to 10 completed paintings. I know I could have more finished, but I ended up stopping and not being happy… Continue reading

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Subjects

Sand on a flower   Flowering basil   Inside of tiny egg Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Small Subjects

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #3

This is an abstract painting I completed about 12 years ago that represents the light and the dark sides of entering new territory. Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #3

Digital Art Mandalas

I  love symmetry and colors, and I love mandalas. They’re fun to make and actually quite relaxing.

Ese’s Weekly Shoot & Quote Challenge – Imagination

All photos were taken in Waikiki I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end… Continue reading

Radiant Orchid Color Challenge

This was a regular color self-portrait from a few years ago that I transformed for this photo challenge. Collage Obsession: Radiant Orchid Color Challenge

Travel Theme: Silver

All of these photos were taken with an infrared camera. Florida Everglades:   Hawaii:     Travel Theme: Silver

Photo Editing Challenge: Trees and/or Tree Trunks

One of my favorite filmmakers, Jan Svankmajer, is well-known for his movie “Little Otik”. Now whenever I see certain parts of trees, I think of that movie and of how each part that… Continue reading

Lavender Sky Over Yellow Brook Road

I like to take things I’m not happy with and make them into something I like. This is what I’m doing with some of my photography that didn’t quite turn out.

Nefarious Pinkster

Just a random photo I took and put into Photoshop for an “artography” project.

Beach Access I – Photo Art

A little Photoshop art of the Flagler Avenue entrance to the beach in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Things like this make me stop and look twice. I saw this in a parking lot in Hawaii and snapped it with my iPhone. Taken for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Warming Up or Cooling Down?

This was a photo taken somewhere in the Tomoka State Park area of Florida. I was bored with the result of the original photograph, so I took it into Photoshop and turned it… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers There are layers of time, in words – in thoughts – in relationships – that can all be peeled away like the paint on a canvas Posted for this week’s Weekly Photo… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

There are several habits of mine in this photograph. I have a habit of starting paintings, looking out the window at any movement that distracts me, and not cleaning up when I’m finished.… Continue reading

St. Peter’s Cemetery – Amelia Island, Florida

I took these photos a few years ago that I’ve never shared. This was at St. Peter’s Cemetery in Amelia Island, Florida. There are some really cool old headstones and some even cooler… Continue reading

“Paper Plane” – Stop-Motion Animation with Paper

One thing I really love about teaching is that I am also constantly learning new things. Luckily, I don’t have to abide by a state-mandated curriculum, which leaves lesson planning quite open and… Continue reading

Rainbow Heart

Initially, I made this during a monoprinting class at Florida State University. Sold the original, and the digital version is all that’s left. I currently use this as the photo on the Spiritual… Continue reading

Rock Faces of Hawaii

There are many legends about Hawaii’s lava rocks. Many people believe that if you remove rocks from the island it brings bad luck, and there is even a Hawaii lava rock return! Personally,… Continue reading

Rising Phoenix in the Desert – Abstract Painting

Sometimes I like to switch up from using bright primary colors to something different. Everything I paint depends on my mood. After visiting the Southwest, earthy browns and turquoises were embedded in my… Continue reading

Florida Sunrise I – Textured Abstract Painting

When I was a kid I was fascinated with 3-D art – holograms and 3-D viewers were my two favorite things to stare at for hours. Incorporating texture into some of my paintings… Continue reading

The Little People – Abstract Painting

I was taking an abstract painting class in the Florida Keys when I painted this. I don’t quite recall what the assignment was, but I believe it had to do with creating a… Continue reading

Gator Country – Abstract Painting

I’m sure most people will question why I named this “Gator Country.”  Going with the flow of sunset colors, my husband pointed out that it had a lot of blue and orange, his… Continue reading

Mending Heart in Parrotdise – Abstract Painting

As I’ve said before, I love using bright colors in my abstract work. Many times when I’m painting in abstract, I have no plan attached to it. It’s a “go with the flow”… Continue reading

Abstract Fire and Ice – Artography by Shannon Hudnell

When I write, paint, photograph or otherwise create, I love incorporating two different sides of things.

Artography in Macro Photography – Red Leaf

Sometimes macro can be abstract. I love working in macro!

Operation – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

This was an abstract piece after which I painted thought it appeared to be looking down from an operating room table.  

Approaching the Island – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Naming my work can be just as much of a challenge as it is to paint them. Sometimes putting names to abstract pieces helps others understand what the piece is about. This is… Continue reading

Painted Glass Art Jars – for gift giving

Every holiday season I make my own gifts. A few years ago I started making shower scrub for friends and family to see how they liked it. Some came back begging for more.… Continue reading

Painting the Sky – Artography by Shannon Hudnell

The title of this piece reflects what I did to this photo. Needing a little more than the traditional blues and yellows, I painted the sky by adding bright pink using Photoshop.

Seaside – Florida Keys

I painted this when I lived in a home overlooking the bay in the Florida Keys. Living in the Florida Keys is a great place for artists, because the colors and vibes are… Continue reading

Always Watching Me – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Remember the 80s song that went, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me…”? That’s what ran through my mind when I painted this. It was a response to always being scrutinzed. If you… Continue reading

Red Sky at Night – Abstract Art/Photography

Red sky at night is a sailor’s delight! This was another of the tradition photos I took of a Florida river around sunset. I felt that it needed more “oomph” so I tweaked… Continue reading

Midday Blue Sky – Artography by Shannon Hudnell

This was a photo I took in the middle of the day, but I thought it was a boring picture. So I added dramatic color with Photoshop. Now I think it tells a… Continue reading

Abstract Sky at Seaside – Abstract Paintings by Shannon Hudnell

Sometimes I become bored with the same scenes and subject matter, so I decided to take the photos that appear like any other sunset and make them into a colorful painting using Photoshop.

That 70’s Dullness – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

What is it about these colors that remind me of the 1970s? Prints are available here.

Big Bird Rules – Abstract Art by Shannon Hudnell

Save Big Bird!  Prints Available!  

Sunset Behind the Red Sea

Prints Available!

Sunset Over Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, Florida – Abstract Paintings by Shannon Hudnell

Prints available!

Over Rough Waters – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Prints Available!   

Above the Sea – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Prints available! “Above the Sea” © 2010

Waterfall Emerging from Mountain – Abstract Painting by Shannon Hudnell

Prints Available! “Waterfall Emerging from Mountain” © 2010

Blacklight Ecstasy – Abstract Painting

Prints available! “Blacklight Ecstasy” © 2010

Free Wallpaper of the Day – Green Monster

Green Monster – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold.