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Abstract Painting: Day Into Night – Sunset

This is only the second “round” painting I’ve ever done. As you can tell, I really love sunsets!

Abstract Painting: Island Time Sunset

I thought I’d try painting a silhouette this time, because it’s something I haven’t attempted before. The photos of my paintings don’t exactly show the quality of my work. I tend to use… Continue reading

Dexter Beach, Marion, Massachusetts Sunrise

Okay… so I know I need to get on the ball with my posts again! I’ve been taking tons of photos lately, but mostly with my iPhone, since it’s always with me and… Continue reading


Wintery weather doesn’t provide much in terms of vibrance, so I had to choose from photos I took this past fall.         The Daily Post: Vibrant

Sense of Seeing: Sunset in Ponce Inlet, Florida

This is what I live for – nature, sunsets, wildlife, tranquility – because it’s the only time I really feel like myself and truly enjoy life. Sunsets are a gift at the end… Continue reading

The Daily Post: Roy G. Biv (Rainbow in a Firepit)

This fire had some of the most amazing colors! The Daily Post: Roy G. Biv

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

                        One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

A to Z Photo Challenge – Y is for Yarn

A to Z Photo Challenge

A to Z Photo Challenge – U is for Umbrellas

A to Z Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

  Daily Post Photo Challenge

30 Day Painting Challenge

I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 paintings in 30 days. So far, I’m up to 10┬ácompleted paintings. I know I could have more finished, but I ended up stopping and not being happy… Continue reading