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Change is the death of something as we know it.           The Daily Post: Change Advertisements

A to Z Photo Challenge – H is for Headstone

A to Z Photo Challenge

Inspirational Poster: The Light in the Darkness

Originally posted on Sunshine Witch:
“Even in the darkness, when you look closely enough you can see a bit of light shining through.”  ~ Shannon Hart Hudnell Have you ever been in a…

Free Wallpaper of the Day – Creepy Cemetery Tree

Creepy Cemetery Tree – free wallpaper download of the day For personal use on computer desktops. Not to be sold, redistributed, shared, or republished.

Cemetery at Jerome, Arizona

People that have followed me know that I enjoy taking cemetery photos, whether it be of angel statues, old tombstones, or other types of cemetery “activity”. I find cemeteries to be both peaceful… Continue reading