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Sense of Hearing

I really, really LOVE music!! I listen to several different genres depending on my mood. I love concerts, even though they are nothing like they used to be; nevertheless, I try to go… Continue reading

Photo Challenge: Motion

I absolutely love Renaissance Faires, and I attempt to visit one each year. The one I frequent the most is the Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival. These are just a few of many photos… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Shoot & Quote Challenge: Music

I love music. It hits me to the core of raw emotion. If I weren’t an artist, I’d be a musician. In the last few years I’ve seen quite a few bands. I… Continue reading

“Paper Plane” – Stop-Motion Animation with Paper

One thing I really love about teaching is that I am also constantly learning new things. Luckily, I don’t have to abide by a state-mandated curriculum, which leaves lesson planning quite open and… Continue reading

Bucket List: Paul McCartney – Live Concert

I am determined to make an actual bucket list soon, but for now I have a few things pinned in my brain – especially concerts of aging musicians. It wasn’t until a few… Continue reading