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Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Landscapes in Portrait Mode

Welcome to Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge! I was trying to do this weekly, but I have too much going on at the moment to dedicate. Instead, I will post randomly as time allows. This… Continue reading

Faraway in Black and White

It took me a while to choose photos for this challenge, because not all look good in black and white. Certain architectures and textured landscapes do, which is why I chose these particular ones… Continue reading


Be careful for the environment you choose, for it will shape you. The Daily Post: Careful

Sense of Taste in Hawaii

It’s nice to visit places that are not at all like where you’re from. Although I’m a beach girl, some of the food in Hawaii is so much different compared to what I was… Continue reading

Travel theme: Land meets Water

Travel theme: Land meets Water

Monochrome Madness Theme K

I really love working with black and white. All of these photos were taken in different “K” city names in Hawaii.   Monochrome Madness Theme K

A to Z Photo Challenge – W is for Waimanalo

A to Z Photo Challenge

A to Z Photo Challenge – P is for Pali Lookout

A to Z Photo Challenge

A to Z Photo Challenge – K is for Kailua

A to Z Photo Challenge