Maverick Tugboat on Intracoastal Waterway

Can a tugboat be beautiful? Absolutely! (With the right lighting, of course!) 😉 One morning while taking sunrise photos in Edgewater, Florida, I saw this giant "thing" coming towards me. As it glided closer, I could see it was a tugboat emblazoned with the name Maverick, so I seized the opportunity to photograph it in … Continue reading Maverick Tugboat on Intracoastal Waterway

Beautiful Sunsets in Edgewater, Florida

Timing is key when it comes to photographing sunrises and sunsets. Cloud coverage calls for some interesting patterns when viewing the sun. Too early in the evening or too late in the morning, the sun is too bright. It only takes seconds for the sun to either disappear or reappear, each time showing the world … Continue reading Beautiful Sunsets in Edgewater, Florida

Calming Sunrises in Miami

Every city offers a different view. Finding the views that suit your taste can be challenging in these times of rapid growth. These are the views that I prefer. Take away traffic, large buildings, and anything that isn't natural. This is the way life was meant to be.    

Cloudy Sunrises & Sunsets – Colors & Patterns

Cloudy sunrises and sunsets often make the prettiest and most interesting photos! In the following photos, you can see the sun either reflecting up onto the clouds or through them. Both types make for interesting colors and patterns. Can you tell a story with these photos?      

Vivid Colors In Clean Air Sunsets

Have you ever been amazed by naturally vivid colors in some sunrises and sunsets? Having lived in Florida the majority of my life, I have experienced many amazing sunrises and sunsets in my home state, particularly during winter months. Being that I have been taking sunrise/sunset photos for years, I noticed a pattern that seemed … Continue reading Vivid Colors In Clean Air Sunsets

Pastel Sunset – New Smyrna Beach

Although I love sunrises, sometimes it's a lot easier to view a sunset due to the time of day. Some of the sunsets have bright orange and pink skies, and depending on which direction I'm looking, sometimes sunsets have pastel skies...    

Dexter Beach, Marion, Massachusetts Sunrise

Okay... so I know I need to get on the ball with my posts again! I've been taking tons of photos lately, but mostly with my iPhone, since it's always with me and just convenient. I have been extremely lazy busy with other projects instead of organizing, editing, and posting here for the last several … Continue reading Dexter Beach, Marion, Massachusetts Sunrise

October Sunsets of New Smyrna Beach

As most of you probably know by now, I love taking sunset photos. I like sunrises, too, but the time of day doesn't always work for me. These photos have been taken over the last couple of weeks either at the beach or on the Intracoastal Waterway.