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Faraway in Black and White

It took me a while to choose photos for this challenge, because not all look good in black and white. Certain architectures and textured landscapes┬ádo, which is why I chose these particular ones… Continue reading


A while back, I’d written about personal boundaries when it comes to people and how sometimes if we don’t set them, space invaders can take over. Robert Frost got it right when he… Continue reading

Compose Yourself: Savannah, Georgia

          Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: How the camera is not like your eye

Travel Theme: Angles

      Travel theme: Angles

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Door

I’ve always been fascinated with doors, so I’ve been photographing interesting ones for quite some time. To me, doors represent opportunity and mystery. Recently, I even got a door tattoo! The Daily Post:… Continue reading